Managing Committee

Mr. Atta-ul-Rehman Undre

Vice President

Royal Educational Society

The Wind of Change: A Message from The Vice President

The Wind of Change swept across the Raigad District 30 years back that changed people from all walks of life. On a warm February afternoon of 1982 I and a few thinkers of Borli Panchatan and Shriwardhan Taluka were thinking about educating the poor and educationally backward people of Raigad. We were determined to start an English medium school in the most educationally backward of Raigad. The termination was so firm that we decided to form a society for the noble cause and on 26th March 1982, we registered a society and named it “The Royal Educational Society”. Then on 13th June, 1982, we started the first English medium school in Raigad, with just 26 students. The big question was who will teach the students? The founders of the society were themselves the cheaters, the clerks and peons too. It did not take too long for that institution to bloom. Hundreds of students across the Raigad wanted to take admission in this institution.

All the founders of the Royal Educational Society put in whatever we can but it was barely sufficient. Now they need a person with influence, dignity and wealth who can take the society in right direction. A name that struck us all of them was Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahim Undre, the most prosperous son of the soil. When Dr. A. r. Undre was approached, he obliged and became the President of the Royal Educational Society and then there was no looking back. This uphill and impossible task has become possible only because of the herculean efforts of Dr. A. R. Undre.

Discipline sowed by the Royal Educational Society in the 80’s at Borli Panchatan a remote village in the District of Raigad has blossomed into a full-grown tree bearing fruits and providing shade for all the surrounding populace. The strength of the school has risen to over 3000 with mains school at Borli Panchatan and ten schools in different village over an area of 100 kms. Many people belongs low economic strata, with low literacy rate and very limited health facilities. With our proactive approach towards educational upliftment, we have adopted one strategy towards fulfilling the aim to make them better human beings by quality education, boarding, lodging, counselling, medial and emotional support. We witnessed the suffering of human beings especially the downtrodden as such close range that touched the core of our educational is of paramount importance in a nation torn with strife. The sheer passion for Education, Discipline and Devotion helped us to achieve the pinnacle of success in the Upliftment of the poor and the underprivileged residents of this part of Kokan.

I thank you all for been with us throughout and hope you all will render the same support in future.