President's Message

President's Message

I am delighted to share with you my passion for the education of the underprivileged and Royal Educational Society has been at the forefront of this endeavour in areas especially where quality education was absent. We have grown tremendously over the last 33 years and with your support we are continuing to grow in several directions never imagined in the past.

There are three new special projects those the Royal Educational Society has undertaken and are close to my heart: Boys Degree College, a hospital, and a Girls Vocational Training Centre all in Borli Panchatan. By establishing Boys Degree College, the Royal Educational Society hopes to allow young men to study near their homes, thereby preventing relocation to nearby cities in pursuit of higher studies or to prematurely end their education.

Women education is of paramount importance. If community has to progress its women must be educated. Dr A R Undre Women Degree College at Borli Panchatan is in its 15th year. It has a proposal to start a branch of Dr A R Undre Women Degree College at Vahoor which is a famous educational hub in Raigad since 1923. We are grateful to Fajandar Educational Trust for this initiative. Girls Vocational Training Centre is near completion and its aim is to teach home science, such as interior decoration and culinary arts, and other activities that enable a woman to earn a living. As you browse through this school magazine, I hope you will appreciate the challenging tasks we have undertaken and how we have fully utilized our resources. Royal Educational Society has not only taken the responsibility of educating the local children but has also taken upon the well-being of children affected by riots in Gujarat, earthquake in Kashmir, and Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

The Royal Educational Society realizes that holistic approach is required when uplifting the socioeconomic status of our nation. Education is of paramount importance but other support services need to be provided, such as boarding and lodging for students who have been orphaned or come from greater distances, relief and rehabilitation work, medical and paramedical services for natural and manmade disasters. We have a fantastic rehabilitation team working diligently in areas where needed. The team was deployed within few hours during tsunami, earthquakes, and riots.

The support of people like you, our well-wishers, friends, donors, and the staff at the Royal Educational Society has been commendable. We wish to have your continuous support to strengthen our vision and without you this would have not been possible to achieve. Please continue to help us in anyway you can. May God bless your efforts!
Thank you!

Emeritus Prof. Dr. A. R. Undre.