Our vision

Our Vision

working in the filed of ....

  1. Vocational Training Centre for girls - Nearing completion. We have approved course of B.Sc Home Science from S.N.D.T Women's University.
  2. Boys Degree College - Green (Eco Friendly Building) with state of the art technology of solar energy, water harvesting that would suffice our entire infrastructure.
  3. Technical Training Centre
  1. Nursing Institute and Health Care University-The Health Care & Educational University would fulfill hopes of hundreds of young girls in this area who are in need of professional backing which is not available locally. They can have a respectable profession, serve the community, maintain self-esteem, and support themselves and family so that they are thoroughly accomplished, self-reliant and self-sufficient. This would enable the locals to receive most recent health facility for which otherwise, the masses have to travel all the way to Mumbai and bear high expenses and expensive stay.
  2. -Improve Health Care and Education at Borli Panchatan and surrounding areas which are rural and backward. -Provide Health Education through community workers. -Reach inaccessible areas by conducting camps, thus taking health care to the door steps. -Educate masses and create awareness of easily identifiable and preventive diseases. This can be achieved by establishing public health care centres having the following: -
    • Most advance diagnostic equipments.
    • The latest in treatment both medical and surgical with special emphasis on gynecological, obstetric and pediatric cases.
    • Excellent In patient facility, post-operative care and high grade skillful nursing care.
    • Round-the-clock trauma and casualty service.
    • Provision with blood bank facility including ASV and intensive care units.
  3. Nautical college
  4. Sports stadium
  5. Corporate and Central office
  6. Central kitchen