Nani Ka Ghar

Prof Dr. A. R. Undre’s Nani Ka Ghar

Inauguration of Nani Ka Ghar by Begum Hamida Undre

21st century has brought development in the field of science and technology and so on…. But still in some region women are degraded and ill- treated, harassed and isolated by the society Especially divorced women or the widow and the girl child who has suffered Atrocities and are the victims in the cases of child marriage These women need support , a helping hand to over-come their suffering and the moral support comes from the honorable Prof. D.R A.R Undre is renowned surgeon and a man of vision thought for the prosperity of the depressed women and established “NANI KA GHAR” The Name “NANI KA GHAR” Refers to love and care of granny for their grand daughters “NANI KA GHAR” was inaugurated on 13th September 2013 at Islam gymkhana in Marine Lines at Mumbai. “NANI KA GHAR” is located at Borli- Panchatan District Raigad, Maharastra is a new hope for all those women who are left alone by their own people and by their society

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”