Managing Committee

Mr. Masood Hasan Darji

General Secretary

Royal Educational Society

Message from The General Secretary of the Royal Educational Society

It gives me both pride and pleasure to present before you a history of achievements from the inception of this School, built in an almost unknown village on the map of the world. Let us brief you about it. Borli Panchatan (Kokan) a region in Maharashtra is both backward in education and on the economic front, although very fertile. It may surprise you to know that some notable personalities have risen above all in quite a few professions from here but it is sad to state that very few children have a privilege to be educated and pursue their studies and still fewer entering medical and engineering colleges.

In addition to his busy schedule, he is a social worker par excellence. He was very concerned about his poor patients and would go all out to help them. In addition, he is an educationist.

He started a school in his native place Borli Panchatan in Taluka Shriwardhan of Raigad District, which starting from 26 students in 1982 is now a full-fledged high school and junior college with strength of over 3000. In 1989, he started Women Degree College and five batches of girls have passed with 100% results. He has always kept excellence as his benchmark. He believes that unless education of woman is taken right to its logical end eradication of illiteracy will only remain a slogan.

He is always in the forefront at times of national crises. In 1992 riots, he took 100 orphans from various relief camps in Mumbai and gave them shelter in his school. On recommendation of Mr. P.C. Alexander, the Royal Educational Society received Rs. 400,000/- from Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, for the rehabilitation work done during the 1992-1993 Bombay Riots. In 1995 during the Kuwait crisis, he had admitted 250 students from Kuwait in his school totally free. Following the Gujarat tragedy in his constant pursue to spread education among the deserving, need and underprivileged he has taken 130 students from riot torn Gujarat. Of these 44 are girls and 86 boys who have already been admitted in the school run by him. These children have been picked from various relief camps in Gujarat. Some of them have lost a parent, some have lost sibling and everybody has lost their homes.

He organised many medical camps where several patients underwent free operations. Most of these camps were held in areas where medical facilities were meagre.

He took active part in cooperative banking and was chairperson of Kokan Mercantile Co-op. Bank for several years. After retiring as Professor from Grant Medical College, he continues to be Professor of Surgery at the National Board of Examinations at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre.

He was life member of Special Executive Magistrate Directing Committee and was honour as "Sarvashri" in recognition of services rendered to the public. He was also the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal in surgery.

He is a life member of several learned bodies like the Red Cross Society of India, International Medical Sciences Academy. He is a founder member of World Association of Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery.

He is also Consultant Surgeon to Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Saifee Hospital, Habib Hospital. He compiled Kokan Directory, which apart from covering history of Kokan contains list of all organisations working for Kokan and stalwarts working for Kokani Community.

In spite of all this, he is accessible to all and believes that "Service to Humanity is Service to God".