Boys Hostel

Boys Hostel

The Royal Educational Society started the hostel in 1993, when they adapted the 82 Mumbai riot-affected Children. Today it is the home for Gujarat riot-affected children and Kashmir Earthquake Victims. These children stay with other inmates from Mumbai and Pune and other parts of India.

Food :

The hostel has a spacious & hygienic mess which offers well balanced & wholesome nutritious food. All boarders enjoy all four meals viz. Breakfast, Mid Day Meals, Snacks and Dinner at the Dining Hall. The kitchen is hygienically maintained with all equipments made of stainless steel. A well qualified chef offers variety of tasty food.

Study room Facility :

Students can prepare for exams as well study regularly in Library and Study room provided by Institution. Special teachers and lecturer regularly visit the hostel to supervise the studies of the students.

Playground :

A vast playground present in front of the hostel is utilized for Individual and Team sports. In the evening the hostel inmates play cricket, volleyball and football.

Picnic :

Regular annual picnics are organized for allowing students to get enjoyment as well knowledge.

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